About: Ocala Landscape Management Inc.

Lew Myhre

Lew has become a well known member of the landscape community in Marion County. He has been designing his way to people's hearts for over thirty years. Lew is a graduate of Iowa State Univ. with a major in horticulture as well as a business admin. degree form Oral Roberts University.  Lew plays an important part in the sales and networking of Ocala Landscape Management with his wisdom and system of connections.

Jim Wiechens

‚ÄčJim Wiechens has been a member of the landscape community in Marion County for 30+ years. Born and raised here, Jim is a lifelong resident of Marion County. His expertise in landscape design is absolutely phenomenal. Jim began as a building contractor here in Ocala, and with his mechanical drawing experience, he seamlessly converted his ability into landscape design. Jim plays an important role here at O.L.M. with his knowledge of the landscape industry and network of good 'ol boys.